Christmas is here so you have probably opened your calendar counting down the days until Santa will come down your chimney and give you gifts. he will eat the mince pies and drink the milk and you cannot forget about the reindeer they will be very tired so they will eat the carrots. you might have decorated you house and perhaps you have a Christmas tree that you have decorated and you might be listing to all of the great Christmas songs! you might have hung your stockings above the fire place.

To start our Christmas page…….. we will…….. list 8 great Christmas songs!

  1. all I want for Christmas is you (by Mariah Carey)
  2. Last Christmas (by wham!)
  3. 12 days of Christmas (by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters)
  4. jingle bell rock (by bobby helms)
  5. jingles bells (by James Pierpont)
  6. do they know it’s Christmas (by band aid)
  7. have yourself a merry little Christmas (by Sam smith)
  8. merry Christmas (by Ed Sheeran and Elton john)

Now here a some more songs that you can listen to!

you can access this on YouTube as well

Now I will show you three things to do all with Christmas theme ! so here you go

  1. to start us off we will be making snow flakes all you will need is a piece of A4 paper , scissors and a pencil ( you do not need a pencil but if you would like to make yours accurate you can use it.) here is a little clip on how to make it.

2. you could make candy canes you will need the following: A3 paper ,red ready mixed paint, white ready mixed paint , a pencil, a ruler and scissors once you have all of those things get your paper ,ruler ,scissors and pencil and draw a candy cane like this :

now cut it out and get your paints start with red and paint every other one with it then fill in the gaps with the white one then let it dry and there you have it your very own candy cane.

3. you could make paper chains these are super easy all you need to create simple ones is any paper some scissors and a glue stick first chop the paper into strips like this :

next you need to link each of the strips through each other and glue the you should end up with something like this:

and you can keep going and going…