updates about what is going on

On this page I am going to be talking about things that are happing now and then so this is the page that I will make my most regular updates. So if you want to now what is happening now and then check this page. Hope you enjoy what I post on this page and find it interesting.

I am back!. I am now in year 4 and I am now 8 I have not been on much but i am going to get back on more and do more . i am not posting in order and will not always post every day.

Thursday the 10th 2020 update

Today in school I have been collecting crisp packets for blankets. This lady is making blankets for the homeless to help them keep warm you can collect crisp packets to here is a video which explains further : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bfhwRwghVA

Friday the 11th 2020 update

Today I have been at school and we have had Christmas dinner it was very good and I really enjoyed it!. We also did a game called adopt a teddy. I will explain how it works there are lots of pieces of paper and they will either say chocolate ,sweet or a name of a teddy and if you get a name of a teddy someone will find that teddy tat has the same name and you will get to keep it. If it says chocolate you will get some sort of chocolate. If t says sweet you will a sweet. We also played spin the wheel were you pick a number and write there name down by the number then spin the wheel if they land on your name you get a prize!

18th 2020 Friday

MERRY Christmas !!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021